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I have had the great fortune of meeting a young new artist whose talents are amazing. I was introduced to Brianne through my daughter who knew I wanted some artwork for a new home and I thought I would take a chance and commission her to do two large pictures for us. When the works were completed I went to pick them up and they not only met my expectations, they far exceeded them. Brianne has an amazing eye for color and detail and it shows with the care and stunning outcomes of her works. Everyone that has come into our home comments on the beautiful pictures!

I have am looking forward to future work with Brianne and am having more works prepared for our home. Although for future pieces I have changed my approach and given her full creative license to come up with works that will suit the style we are trying to create in our home. I have absolutely no worries that my expectations will not be met and more likely far exceeded.

I look forward to watching this young artist become a household name in the art world.

- Lois M.


Arthouse was an amazing experience. The beauty of the art studio and the warmth of Brianne spirit is enough to get the creative juices flowing! We surprised ourselves, which gave us a boost of self-assurance in art. We had a ton of laughs and learned a lot from a great teacher. Thanks Brianne!

- Kayla Deics